29 Aug 2019

We’ve explained to you what the model and non residents tax is here but you may be asking yourself why should I bother?

You may have friends who have had property here for years, have never completed the obligation and have never had any issues. We have to tell you tim...

17 Aug 2019

struggling to understand the non-residents property tax? don't worry we break it down for you here.

17 Apr 2019

When can a joint tax return be presented?

A Personal Income Tax return is generally presented individually. However, people forming part of a family unit may, if they wish, choose to make the return jointly, provided all its members are payers of the tax concerned.


15 Apr 2019

You've booked your appointment and now you need to do a little work gathering all the documents you need to make the process as smooth as possible!

  • Original DNI/NIE of the holder attending the appointment and photocopy of the DNI/NIE of persons appearing in the tax...

8 Apr 2019

This year, as with other years, there are a few changes to what can be deducted as part of your annual tax deduction. We give you a brief summary of the key changes here.

* Maternity and Paternity benefit payments are now exempt from tax.

* Up to 1000€, per year, can be...

23 Jan 2019

As we head into the new tax year let's see what the local government has approved in their regional budget and what it means for you.


Income tax 

There are 2 parts to you income tax - regional and state rates - this year it’s good news for low earners. For those with...