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Declaracion de Renta - what you need to bring to your appointment

You've booked your appointment and now you need to do a little work gathering all the documents you need to make the process as smooth as possible!

  • Original DNI/NIE of the holder attending the appointment and photocopy of the DNI/NIE of persons appearing in the tax return.

  • Authorisation signed by other taxpayers you are filing for and the photocopy of their ID cards

  • IBAN for your bank account.

  • Land registry reference number of all the properties owned, renting or otherwise occupying (property tax receipt (IBI)).

  • If you live in a rented property: NIF (Personal Tax ID) of the leaser and the amounts you have paid for the rent.

Also, the documents stated according to the type of income you have received:

Professional earnings:

Certificate issued by the payer.

Documentation regarding dismissal or redundancy: amount of the compensation, date of agreement of the dismissal or layoff, of approval of the workforce adjustment plan or of opening of the consultation period to the employment authority in the event of a large-scale lay-off.

Earnings from real estate property (rental income from flats, premises, parking spaces, etc.): income list and receipts (contracts ,etc.) and deductible costs (invoices, etc.). Remember that you must provide the tax code of your tenant.

Investment income: certificates from companies, financial institutions and insurance companies, contracts, bills of expenses, etc.

Earnings from economic activities in objective evaluation (modules): supporting documents of the activity elements or parameters used during the year. Based on the activity, for example, employed staff, electricity consumption, surface area of the premises, power rating of the vehicle, income, capital goods books, etc.

Capital gains and losses

On sale of primary residence:

Deeds of purchase and sale. Acquisition and transfer dates. Actual amounts, purchase and sale expenses and tax contributions. Tax returns of the exercises in which deductions were applied for the transmitted property. Details of mortgage loans and the outstanding capital to be amortised upon the sale.

For sales of shares, properties or other goods, investment funds, prizes, etc.:

Deeds and/or supporting documentation.Acquisition and transfer dates.Actual amounts, purchase and sale expenses and tax contributions.Certificates of investment funds.

For subsidies received: proof of such.


On refund of interest earned on floor clause:

Financial institution certificate stating the years corresponding to which the surplus interest was charged on overturned floor clauses. Tax returns for non-prescribed years in which habitual residence deductions were carried out or were included in the deductible expenses on earnings from economic activities or capital assets.

Other documents

For acquisition of primary home with extension of the loan: balances of the original loan pending amortisation.

With mortgage: insurance receipts.

For rented property: NIF (Personal Tax ID) of the leaser and amounts paid for the rent.

For donations: receipts, etc.

Pension Plans

Childcare costs ( for children under 3 years)

Other tax-deductible expenses, including healthcare costs

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