Declaración de Renta 2018 - key updates

This year, as with other years, there are a few changes to what can be deducted as part of your annual tax deduction. We give you a brief summary of the key changes here.

* Maternity and Paternity benefit payments are now exempt from tax.

* Up to 1000€, per year, can be deducted for daycare, attendance or nursery services for each child under 3 years.

* Large families see an increase in deductions from Aug to Dec 2018.

* There is an increase in the deduction for individuals investing in newly created companies of up to 30%.

* Autonomo's who work from home can now deduct up to 30% of their utility bills (water, electric, telephone and internet etc)

We are now full into this years campaign and appointments can be booked from 15th April 2019 here or by calling 0034 609 290 317.

Here is a list of all the documents you should bring to your appointment:

  1. Name and surname of the holder and family

  2. DNI

  3. Address

  4. Bank account

  5. If you are renting house :

  6. DNI of the owner

  7. annual rent amount paid

  8. If you have a mortgage

  9. Fiscal bank information

  10. Mortgage-linked insurances

  11. Pension Plans

  12. Childcare costs ( for children under 3 years)

  13. Other tax-deductible expenses.

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